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In Pursuit of Quality Education

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1 In Pursuit of Quality Education on Thu Mar 13, 2014 4:41 pm

In Pursuit of Quality Education

To finish a higher echelon is indeed a breakthrough for an educator who aims to impart knowledge to the younger generation.

As we can see most of the teaching staff in this university are pursuing a Masteral and Doctoral degree and one of the reason is that to be a title holder and would mean a better performance in their teaching, yet their main objective in taking this degree is that they want to pursuit a higher quality education for have them a greater understanding and knowledge in their certain specialty.

To pursue a higher education, is always at the top priority. Since the Romblon State University is a newly converted university it is really a challenge to the entire teaching faculty most especially to the College of Arts and Sciences who offers a degree of Bachelor of Arts that is definitely needs quality educators that will impart their knowledge to the younger generation.  Most of the faculties of the College accept challenge by pursuing their graduate studies. It is once said that you cannot impart knowledge when this knowledge is out of your reach. Thus, to finish a masters and doctoral degree seems a vital factor for attaining such a high quality education.  The newly Doctoral degree holder of the College of Arts and Sciences: University of Santo Tomas (UST) 2010-  Dr. Rosario A. Bantang- Doctor of Philosophy Major in Literature, Philippine Normal University (PNU) Summer- Edna M. Sixon- Doctor of Philosophy Major in Educational   Management
Presently pursuing the Doctoral Degree: Prof. Pastora J. Gaac- Doctor in Philosophy Major in Educational Management, Edrayl F. Domingo- Doctor of Philosophy Major in Filipino.

Presently pursuing the Master’s Degree:

Alwin F. Maulion- Master in Micro Biology, Gerly F. Famero- Master in Marine Biology, Michelle A. Aquino- Master in Public Administration, Rachel F. Llorca- Master of Arts Major in Communication.
The CASeans are made themselves proud to be part of the College of Arts and Sciences by having great educators in their turf. Thus to have expert teachers, it enhance students to be a globally competitive graduates produced by this college through giving them the quality education. 

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